Elders of the Confederated Tribes on Grande Ronde were thrilled to help teach younger generations to can when they formed the Food Bank Canning Group as a way to preserve excess foods that came to the Grand Ronde Community Resource Center and Food Bank. The excess foods were locally grown and would have otherwise gone to waste. The elder who came up with the idea has been canning for 50 years – alongside her mother and grandmother.

“Part of the thing for the resource center is we’re very big in trying to get clients to self-sustain, preserve foods, feed their families and find ways to stretch their budgets,” said Angela Schultz-McCallister, manager of the Community Resource Center. “This is one way to do that.” The food bank provides jars, lids and basics like sugar and simple syrup and community members worked as volunteers. The group has canned a variety of fruits and vegetables, including beans, cherries, apples and carrots.